Talking in the car?

Well, we know the rules of no texting/calling during the drive, well, to the driver of course.

I believe most of us have a hands-free set, or perhaps even the Bluetooth device sync to your Smartphones or Blackberries. So does driving with those against the law? I remember that by not having any contact with your phones while driving is actually ok, so that means NO to holding your phone even if its on speaker.

But come to think of it, why is that we are not allowed to hold the phone while driving? The core of the issue is that we tend to lose focus while on the phone, meaning that people who are on the phone while driving face more danger then those that don't. But why? Is it due to the attention given while on the phone? Or is it simply because one of our hand is being occupied by the phone? If this is the case, I've seen many people using the cheaper alternative, have the need to actually hold the speaker near to their mouths, well, our hand is being occupied by doing so.

In majority cases, most people, me included, do not prepare ourselves to accept calls before we start our journey (regardless of how short it is). Very rare that I see people have everything laid out nicely so that when a call comes in, all they need to do is to just hit a button and start talking. I will only do that if I know I will be receiving a call, as having something at the ear for a period of time is very uncomfortable, well at least for me. The worst case is that I've seen cars swerving on the road because the driver is trying to untangle the wires or just looking for his device. And ultimately, we still have the tendency to look at the phone to determine who it is, instead of just picking it up and just ask who.

But regardless of how we talk while driving, our attention is no longer as sharp as when we are not. That is so obvious without me mentioning it. But the fact still remains that what dictates it unsafe to talk on the phone? The fact that our hand is being occupied? or simply the fact that our mind is drifting around the conversation and unable to concentrate on driving? If the later was the case, then no matter what device we use, it is still illegal to be on the phone while driving.

Part 2 next (If attention is the cause, phone vs passengers)

Speed Limit

How often have you break the speed limit set on the road? Verbally everyone's usual answer will be every now and then. But in their heart, they know its otherwise. Well, I for one, really, truly, honestly telling you that every now and then I will try and not break the speed limit law. I mean it is rather ridiculous, driving at 110km/h on the highway especially. It is reasonable if you are driving in a full loaded truck, or a very old/problematic vehicle, try hoping into a car that has the technology of at least a Myvi, it is hard to obey the speed rule.

 If your windows takes only minutes to boot-up, it is consider a good thing (in the golden days), but hit the start button, sit down, send a sms, look at screen (1minute +- from booting), if you don't see your desktop, it is slow.

Now, take a look at the top speed. Last time achieving 80km/h is consider very fast, now, try driving 80km/h on the highway (left lane), trailers & buses overtakes you like no one's business.

Just the two simple example dictates that evolution is happening. Technology especially. When it was dangerous to drive over 100km/h last time (think of driving a kancil660cc @>120km/h), it is now safe to drive at 120km/h, well that depends on your vehicle of course. Even a Myvi can drive @120km/h safely. Imagine other brands such as Toyota/Honda, don't let me get started with VW/BMW etc.

I get it if you can drive 110km/h on the highway, but some roads, demanding you drive 60km/h is downright ridiculous, if not mistaken one of the is between the Putrajaya exit (North-South Expressway) and Maju Expressway.

Ultimately, I do hope that instead of of making the 110km/h to 1x0km/h, lets make it minimum 100km/h on the right lane, if you are slower, then you in deep shit.

Part 2 is the real issue that I wish to highlight. Stay tune.

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Back in action?

Well, after taking a long break, I will try to update here at least once a month. Updating once a week is my goal for now. But we will see how it goes.

We always hear the stories about girl being raped/molested etc. Yes, that is the case, but what is the root? Girls wearing this?

Or too much censorship?

Or is it due to this phenomenon?
Woman are getting smarter and climbing the corporate world.

For some reason, I sometime just wonder what drives them to do it? Everyone has lust, almost every man wants to have a sexual relation with almost every pretty lady that meets his eyes. But what is the trigger, what is the key to the rapist on raping innocent girls? Opportunity? Tempted? Revenge?

Stealing off the internet

I know that it is illegal to download stuff such as songs and movies off the internet, but assuming we are grabbing a picture.

Some photographer went all the way up a hill carrying all his heavy gears while climbing in the dark, finally he got a few perfect shots and shares it to the world, since he is already  sharing, is it illegal if I download it?

I believe it is ok if its for personal viewing or just downloading them and showing to friends and family without telling where you get it from.

What about grabbing it and placing it into your own blog? Well, he is 'sharing' it with the whole world, and he already watermarked the photo, I wonder, is it alright for us to not quote or give credit to him, since the photo is already watermarked by him.

Though it is unethical, but we have seen and perhaps done it so many times. Is it really ok if we publish without consent but we give credit and link back to the source? What is the laws take on this? (assuming the author never say yes/no)

Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Proton logo

Inspira came from Lancer is not anything new.

Since they got off legally (I assume) from the Mitsubishi, what about those Wira to Mitsubishi. 
I believe you have seen some Proton Wira bearing the Mitsubishi badge. I always find it very discomforting when I see those Wira being modded and then they simply removed the Proton emblem and replaces it with Mitsubishi. Sometimes I wish that these people can be sued by Mitsubishi for using their logo like that.

Now, imagine these two scenarios
A) Taking a piece of shit and covering it in Gold
B) Taking a gold brick and covering it with Shit

I would usually say (A) goes to those people who put on those Mitsu badge over their proton.
But I have always thought why no one did the other way around, especially when the Inspira was launched, I thought will there be any Lancer or Evo X owner who put on a proton badge over their Mitsu. Now that will be (B).

Though I mentioned that I wish the (A) getting sued by Mitsubishi, I wonder what is the case of the below.

Sadly, or perhaps lucky, I never found anyone doing that. But the same cant be said for the Toyota Camry. Picture as belows.

So will Proton be proud of this owner being a hardcore Proton fan (despite buying a Toyota Camry).

Another question is, is it wrong to do so? 

Air Asia Crashed?

'Now everyone can fly'

The above line has been used vigorously, and just by hearing it, you will know that it is Air Asia. 

That aside, I believe many has been boarding Air Asia recently especially for the year end trip, christmas, balik kampung, (my cousin's wedding), and soon to come CNY. This may come to a shocking news to many especially to those who frequently travel, the images of a crashed Air Asia. Rumours has it that it happen in Kuching, so now Elmo might have more of a shock, especially since she just came back from Kuching not too long ago, and going again end of this month.

So enough talk and type, below is the one and only picture I have, lazy to search, lazy to verify whether this is a true thing or just photochopped.

A funny thing which I did manage to read was that instead of Air Asia's NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY, some netizens has joke on it and said 'NOW EVERYONE CAN CRASH'
Just to note, this just might be another accident like the recent bus crashes, but let just hope this is the last accident for the year 2011! And just so you know, don't blame Air Asia, cause Tony is not the one piloting you know. LOL

So is it Air Asia to be blamed or the pilot? Who is at fault? 

By right, it is the pilot's fault, but legally it is Air Asia to answer for him as he is their staff. (I think so)

Rants: Poor service on F&B

Recently been dining out a lot. And this also happened recently which is the service is getting lousier as the days go by, well, this excludes those really nice dining places like tony and etc. But I mean Pizza Hut and Kenny, they also suppose to have great floor staff. You can check the PIZZA rant if you want, but this is about KENNY.

I mean intial service was good, though this time we weren't given a choice of seat, we wanted 'that' clean side table, instead we were brought to the middle table, well, no complaints. The real issue arise when I noticed the table opposite of us receive their Muffin after they almost finish their plates, and the Muffin only arrive after the soup. Well, I just thought maybe they requested for the muffin to come in like that. But on our side, imagine what we were served first, NOT MUFFIN, NOT DRINKS, its the main course that came first. Then we asked where are our drinks and muffin, hence we had to wait, though not long, but enough for the not hot meal to turn even cooler. Now I was thinking is there much difference from those Ayamas or those chicken sold at Jusco.

Well, other things were all below average, but at least they were a lot better than PIZZA HUT!